Planning a Startup The Correct Way

Starting a business in the modern day seems harder, but easier than you think. Many people come up with brilliant ideas everyday. All of those keen people who desire to begin a startup are abundant. But very few startup companies stand above others to thrive and most of the startups die even before they are public. Read More...

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All the businesses in modern world are profit oriented. All these businesses are important and they all need to be online. By saying that I donít only mean big cooperate type businesses every small business needs to be online. You must be wondering why? Actually there is no need to wonder. Businesses offer products and services to their customers. There can be specific customers for specific businesses, but when you round them up all together, they are businesses that run by people. Read More...

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Let me start off by saying Happy New Year 2014. I was bit busy in the New Year and here is my first blog post in the 2014. SERP or search engine ranking position is a very important factor in SEO. Knowing the correct position of your website is critical when running a business or other type of organization. But do you really know the correct position of your website in Google? You could be wrong! And here are 3 reasons why.

SERP Reason 01: Gmail Logged-In

This applies if you check your SERP from the web browsers. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome regardless of the browser you use they all use cookies to store session data and ultimately when you are logged in to your Gmail account, it will track all the searches you made on Google search as keywords. At the same time it keeps a list of websites you visited recently stored as frequent websites. To verify this do a Google search on a website that you frequently visited. The same way Google will keep your website mapped for those certain keywords and it will appear on the top of the results. These misleading results can mix up your campaigns. The remedy is simple. Just make sure you clear your cookies and logged out of all respective Google services before making a search in order to find correct SERP.


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There are uncountable websites on the Internet ranking for specific keywords. These websites rank for those keywords through SEO or search engine optimization. Manually searching SERP for every keyword is a very time consuming and an ineffective method. How do search engine optimizers around the world keep track of these websites with respect to the relevant keywords?


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Job-hunting has always been very stressful and a competitive task in the real world. Some of you might have the experience of applying for jobs, but never or hardly been called for an interview. You may be well qualified but usually gets rejected because of your crappy resume. Itís true; you wont get a job if your resume is crappy and too annoying to read. In a small/medium company, CEO will be directly involved in the hiring process. Most of the times these curricula vitaeís are received by the human resource division and by designation, human resources manager. These people are work oriented and busy people who are looking for the most suitable candidate. Your resume should be promising to pass the first test, which is interesting to read.

Did you know when a job is posted online, more than 200 CVís will be received by the employer in few seconds? Average of 250 emails will be received for a position. And like most of the human beings employers will be looking at your resume only for 5 to 7 seconds. Then begin the shortlisting where people who do even the slightest mistake are neglected. You may have written a nice and long covering letter about your self and your career. But keep in mind that only 17% of a chance is there that your cover letter will be read by the employer. If you had done the smallest mistake with spellings or grammar your CV will be deleted or thrown in to the trashcan. So how can you prepare your resume without mistakes and to be powerful enough to impress your reader, the employer? You basically have to optimize your resume (On Page) like in search engine optimization. If you donít know what SEO means please read my previous article about what is SEO and how it can improve your business.


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