Converting .IRF to .AVI – CCTV Tutorial

Converting .IRF to .AVI – CCTV Tutorial

How to convert CCTV video format .irf to .avi ?

Before coming to that I will explain a bit about CCTV. CCTV or closed circuit televisions are used as a measure of security worldwide. There have been many occasions where crime and thefts were captured live from these cameras. The most popular uses of CCTV cameras are road surveillance, business places & vaults surveillance and home security. These cameras have become a home appliance with the variations and the applications of these devices. There are smaller versions that supports wireless networks where you can capture images + audio in mjpeg format.

CCTV usually comes with a unit that records video data daily up to a certain limitation. It has an inbuilt storage to store video data in the form of .irf .ms2 or .m4v file formats. These formats are H264.This cannot be read by most of the players for Windows, Mac or Linux (media player, vlc, quick time player). Even though some units supports converting .irf files to other formats like .mpeg, .avi and even mp4 most of the traditional CCTV units doesn’t allow direct conversion though the unit. If you ever came across a situation (which recently I did) where you have to convert this .irf format to .avi, use this tutorial to get it done. Please follow the instructions carefully and you will get your .irf file to .avi in no time.

First you need to get the .irf file to a pen drive. (link moved) . It’s a free tool that converts .irf files to .avi.

Open the tool and click on the “open IRF”

There will be a browser window, brows and select the .irf file you want to convert to .avi

Thereafter click on the convert button to finish the process. And that’s about it!

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