iPhone 6S Live Wallpapers For Android

iPhone 6S Live Wallpapers For Android


iPhone 6S Live Wallpapers For Android

Apple iPhone 6S was released with some beautiful and interactive live wallpapers. Here is how you can install Apple 6S Betta Fish iPhone 6s Live Wallpapers on your android device.

The Betta Fish Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpapers are a wonderful way to decorate the screen of your smartphone. Live wallpapers get more attention than a still image wallpaper. With the release of iPhone 6S some beautiful live wallpapers were introduced and you can see them here at Apple’s Website. These wallpapers were created for their latest mobile feature Force Touch AKA (3D Touch). Betta fish live wallpaper was the most popular one among them. It was so popular that android and apple iPhone 6 phone users stared searching for the live wallpaper.

If you are a big time smart phone enthusiast you must have tried to install Apple live wallpaper from the Google Play Store and I assume that you got disappointed for eternity as the app on the app store is not at all closer to the real thing. Even if you do a Google search for betta fish live wallpaper apk, you will not find it.

How to install iPhone 6S Live Wallpapers On Android ?

There is a way you can get the animated fish live wallpaper and all other live wallpapers that were released for iPhone 6S to your android device. These wallpapers and videos are extracted from Apple website by Jordan_by, a user from the reddit community. I manage to find an app that can be used to animate the wallpaper on android mobile screen.

There are still images of Apple iPhone 6S wallpapers as well as live video version of the as well. Follow the steps below and you will get it on your android phone in no time.

1. DOWNLOAD these files to your Android device (Credits to Jordan)

2. INSTALL Video Live Wallpaper from the Google Play Store

3. Open the app and tap on video source to select desired MP4 file to be set as the live wallpaper

Settings Screen - Select Wallpaper

4. Change the settings that matches your android device

Edit Wallpaper Performance - Settings

Edit Preferences of iPhone 6S Live Wallpaper

5. Apply, that’s it!

Betta Fish Live Wallpaper on LG G3

You will get all of those beautiful apple iPhone 6S live wallpapers on your android device. Also feel free to download still images in the given link as well Enjoy!

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