ROOT Android Tablet (MID 1001)

ROOT Android Tablet (MID 1001)

“Rooting is a process that allows users of mobile phones and other devices running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as “root access”) within Android’s Linux subsystem with the goal of overcoming limitations that carriers and manufacturers put on some devices. It is analogous to jail-breaking on devices running the Apple iOS operating system.” Wikipedia
This article is about rooting your china pad, MID, aped, apad, Irobot aka android based tablets assuming that you have adb running fine on your system. If you own one and you want to experience administrative privileges like in Linux and to experience some apps in the android market here’s what you gotta do,

1) Download the software pack here

2) Extract is to a easy location eg: C:\root_setcpu_X5A_v2

3) Open a command prompt and try following command sequentially:

3.1 ) C:\cd root_setcpu_X5A_v2

3.2 ) C:\root_setcpu_X5A_v2\adb shell

3.3 ) # mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system

3.4 ) C^ (press ctrl + c)

3.5 ) C:\root_setcpu_X5A_v2\root

There will be a series of stuff going on the screen and your device will be restarted automatically. After the rebooting there will be two new apps installed SuperUser & setCPU.

Go to your android main menu then to Dev tools and open the Terminal Emulator. The type

$ su

then superuser app will ask for permission to the terminal emulator accept it by tapping on allow. That’s about it Enjoy!

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