Track and Monitor Search Engine Ranking Position

Track and Monitor Search Engine Ranking Position

There are uncountable websites on the Internet ranking for specific keywords. These websites rank for those keywords through SEO or search engine optimization. Manually searching SERPfor every keyword is a very time consuming and an ineffective method. How do search engine optimizers around the world keep track of these websites with respect to the relevant keywords?

What is SERP?

SERP stands for search engine ranking position. It simply means the position of your website in Google for relevant terms (keywords). Before understanding what SERP is, first you must know how to do a Google search. It is the most primitive thing you do on the Internet other than checking your daily dose of e-mail. Usually when we need to find information over the Internet we do a Google search. You can do this by visiting the search engine website ( and entering the keyword or phrase to the field then hitting enter key. Then you will be taken in to a results page. The default Google result page consists of 10 results per page up to 100 pages with results. All the results may relate to the key term/phrase you are searching for. Websites with high page and link authority will show up in the 1st page within first 10 results while others may show up in following pages. Google decides the importance of a page and categorize them in an order that will benefit the Googler. Google is someone who uses the Google search to find information on World Wide Web. Google makes sure that spam content will not be ranked with their algorithm updates that shows up time to time. Keeping up with this competition is the biggest challenge faced by search engine optimizers.

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It is very important to track the ranking positions of keywords to monitor the leaps and bounces to retarget the strategies for business needs. Monitoring the position of a website is not that difficult. Search engine optimizers around the world uses SERP monitoring software to keep track of changing keywords. You don’t need any tutorials to use both SERP software I’m going to review in this post and the only reason I’m posting them is that they are FREE, very useful and easy to use.

This is the best free tool I have ever seen for the purpose of monitoring SERP. This software provides many benefits for the user regardless of the subscription. You can track unlimited keywords using this tool while monitoring the progress with the dates and times. That is not all, you can also track keywords for multiple search engines likes Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL with the tool. Tracking keywords for any region (.COM/.CO.UK/.COM.AU) is also possible with the tool. The paid version consists of benefit including adding multiple projects and monitoring them rapidly. This software will work on Windows and Mac OS. The full feature list is below is given below.


SERP mojo

If you want to track keywords using your smartphone, this is the most reliable app ever. You can track keywords from your mobile while you are traveling without a computer. Busy SEO’s must keep track of their projects wherever they go. This is the most featured app on this article that can monitor SERP on the go. There are many benefits of using SERP mojo. First of all it is absolutely FREE. You can have most up to date SERP results for your keywords wherever you go with an update tag of 24 hours. You can manually scan for changes any time too. The premium features like local SERP updates are given FREE in this simple mobile app. I personally love the interface and the simplicity of the SERP mojo app. I use it to track keywords and it also provides me the benefit of tracking the ranking history of the keywords with Google, Yahoo & Bing. It is available in both Android and iOS at respective stores.

Use this software to track your keywords and please do not forget to leave a review for the software + leave a comment here expressing your opinion.

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