Why Every Small business Should Be Online?

Why Every Small business Should Be Online?

All the businesses in modern world are profit oriented. All these businesses are important and they all need to be online. By saying that I don’t only mean big cooperate type businesses every small business needs to be online. You must be wondering why? Actually there is no need to wonder. Businesses offer products and services to their customers. There can be specific customers for specific businesses, but when you round them up all together, they are businesses that run by people.

Defining Customers

Customers are anyone who is interested in a product or services that offered by a business. Customer pays money to buy / rent these products or services. Customers can be segmented to many levels by gender (Male/Female), Age can be grouped accordingly (15-20/21-35/36-50) and by many factors such as interests.

Importance of Having Every Small Business Online

If you think a small boutique that sells tea on a roadside shouldn’t be online, you are dead wrong. That small boutique is also a small business. There are specific customers who are continuously getting the service, delicious tea. These types of family run small businesses that slowly expanding are known as blossoming franchises. But still lot of people in the area doesn’t know that this place exists. These people who likes tea needs to know about this place. Otherwise they will never know the wonderful taste of the tea that this small boutique offers. People need to be able to let others know about these places and review the product and services they offer.

Expanding The Neighborhood

You might know lot of shops in your area. But when somebody outside your area needs to find something when passing by or on the way, there should be an easy way rather than making a call or word of mouth. And people will not find most of the businesses unless owners use expensive marketing like billboards, websites, and ads. Businesses need to grow with the time. As owners want to expand the business, they will want new customers to reach out for the business. Expanding your neighborhood is all about creating awareness about your products and services throughout. It’s not about loosing the touch you already have in your business.

As we are living in an information age, businesses use Internet as a platform to market their products and services. Let me tell you that it is very successful and it will bring you much more revenue than you can imagine. Lot of people spends a lot of money on their Internet marketing budget to fill in the online presence. But small business like a roadside boutique possibly couldn’t spend money on online marketing. And lot of small businesses cannot afford third party to help them get online, since they are not very savvy. Then it all comes down to the customers. Satisfied customers are the key to a successful business. As customers we have a responsibility to spread the word around. As I said earlier, you don’t have to spend a dime on marketing if and only if your products and services are amazing.

Google has taken a step towards introducing these small businesses to customers. Combining Search, Google Plus and Maps, now it is easier to find these places people would love to go for. Whatever the device you are using Google maps will help you find those places easier.

Tailored information shows up when a business is added to Google. Information such as opening hours, contact information, reviews and prices will show up highlighted. Verified business will appear on Google Maps and regardless of the device customers will be able to get directions through satellite navigation to find your little business from mobile devices. Get on Google my business now!

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