Why I Bought Apple MacBook Pro Retina

Why I Bought Apple MacBook Pro Retina

Is It Worth Buying a MacBook Pro Retina


Every one has a laptop nowadays, fitting individual needs. Based on various reasons according to the need people buy laptops. There are major laptop vendors like Hewlett Packard, ASUS, Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo. Apple has been always a popular choice even though there were incredible laptops from these vendors. The mac product line has been very short, yet MacBook’s (Apple Laptops) are popular and used everywhere. When some one wants to buy a mac, the main problem is the price of he Mac itself. In this article I’m going to talk about why I bought apple’s new beauty MacBook Pro with retina display and is it worth buying a mac spending over 2000$. If someone is whishing to buy a mac, here are 5 reasons to support your decision.

1. Speed
2. Performance & Multitasking
3. Virus free
4. Carry Ability & Transformability
5. Durability


I have used computers since P3. But my first computer was a P4 1.7 with 128RAM (2003). I used to play all the games I can play with a 32bit graphic card. Since then I have done many upgrades due to the performance and reliability. Actually I have spent lot of money without a caution for the performance. I’m happy to say the hardware I used always stood up for me.

Checkout the 15” inches 2.4 Retina for 2199$

And my first boot up experience was less than 3 Secs, which was 10-11 afterwards. Check the videos on bottom of the page.

I have used many laptops and computers to be exact its 7. They are (P3(800Mhz), P4(1.7Ghz), Dual-Core(2.5Hgz), Core2Due(2.4Ghz), Core2Due(1.83Mhz) and Now Quad-Core i7 2.4-3.4) . I must say this is the best machine with a clock speed I used so far and it is awesome!

Why I need so much speed? I don’t need a super computer to do my job! But I would like to have something much speeder and reliable than what I had before and this machine is best at that.

Performance & Multitasking

Performance, well before buying I didn’t know much about OSX performance with this laptop. But I have read and seen review s on the YouTube and the web and they lead me to buy this awesome machine. People say Mac is the best for Graphic Designing and Video Editing (watch video below). I don’t do any of those, but I want to make sure when I do it wont be less painful! I do web designing and some coding my self-running multi servers with virtual machine. I’m tester and a hardcore gamer. I have tried most of the high end games released back in old times.

Reading Materiel : Multitasking, FreeBDS

OSX was based on this free OS can you believe that? Thus it was called Unix- Like OS. So it is best at multitasking and I’m very happy with what people says about
it (reviews)

Virus Free

This is personal. I Hate virus guards more than virus’s. Why? They slows down a windows system, they track what we do. They send anonymous usage data to their servers. And many more reasons including they are being expensive. How many viruses’ are there for windows? This list is from Panda Security only surprising isn’t it? (List of Virus’s For OSx).And did you know that Bit Defender offers a free virus-scanning tool for Mac. <Download via iTunes>

Mac OS had less than 100 viruses’ and they made security patches for all of those. I can safely say the mac is sealed from viruses/malware and Trojans. You can never know what might bring the future. Isn’t that a good reason?

Carry-ability & Transformability

Basically what I looked here is the mobility. It includes being light and having awesome battery power. MacBook Pro Retina version satisfies both. It weigh only 2.02Kg (check spec) and its stylish as it can be. With it Apple only provides the charger and carrying it around in a slim case (separately purchased) is absolutely pain-free! And when talking about battery power, Apple promises 7 Hours after fully charge. But reviews say it can be up to 9 Hours. I’m really impressed about this since it supports the mobility factor 100%.

I’m happy to say most of the software’s I use for development are available for mac (Even MS Office & Visual Studio). But not many games are designed for Mac OS. But there is always a solution or two. The best solution they gave for OSX is the Wine.

Even Ubuntu supports playing high end games with wine. Don’t forget I have the 2nd latest graphic card in my Mac (GTX650M). So I can either do it with wine or just use windows in a virtual machine / boot camp. Why is that? Because OSX simply supports windows 7 & up, Awesome isn’t it!

Alienware is made for gaming still Mac leads the way!
As you can see I will have minimal software & hardware issues. Any USB compatible device will work with it (not ancient ones, reason is Intel hardware used by new Mac’s)

Durability & Market

This part I don’t have to explain more. See these videos for sure! The way I use my gadgets and my usage is very bad. MacBook Pro suits for hard use. I got a one-year international warranty as usual and I can extend my warranty by paying if I want. The best thing is BT options (place I bought) provide the service forever FREE!

Check videos on the bottom of the page.The point is I don’t seriously mess things up like the chick in this video. But I want to make sure if something accidently happens my laptop will be able to survive that. You may never know what will happen, because situations are very unexpected!

Search around there is an unbelievable 2nd hand market for these macs.

There are some other reasons as well. They are not that important. I will point them out a little,

IPS Screen (Retina), Premium Design & Brand Recognition.

Why I didn’t buy something cheaper with the same spec in the market? The answer is very simple! That machine does not satisfy all of above. Here is a price comparison of most expensive high-end ultra-books around.

ASUS Zen Book, Gigabyte Legacy

I have tried explaining my reasons to spend that extra money or what ever on this laptop. I am not an apple, PC, or android Fan boy. I just use what is just truly amazing think independently and fit for my use. Somebody else may not think the way I think they will stuck with whatever they have like I was stuck with a bloody HP laptop for 5 years. But I change the coast simply because I want it (adaptation) and I want to get my hand on the latest technology. Above all I can afford a MAC!

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